December Get-Togethers

December has always been a time for get-togethers, for families and friends. This year was special because a lot of our US-based friends came home for the holidays. Some of these friends, we have not seen since we graduated from medical school. It was truly a great experience to be together once more.



Both Bong and I have known Cesar for a very long time. We first came together as INTARMED classmates fresh out of high school. Since then, we have become not just classmates, but also dorm mates, colleagues in the medical profession and even godparents to each other’s children. We have shared good times and bad. We have seen each other’s best and worst. And through all these, we have remained steadfast friends. All this time, we have found Cesar to be a gentleman, dependable, loyal and always ready and willing to help. To Bong and me, Cesar is not just a friend. He is family. Happy 50th birthday, Cesar!

Happy Birthday, Cesar!

Happy Birthday, Cesar!