Breakfast at IHOP

I love pancakes and bacon. But I can’t seem to find a restaurant that makes pancakes the way I like them – fluffy and light. So I try pancakes in different places. Today, we went to IHOP for breakfast. IHOP stands for “International House of Pancakes”. I thought that my search for good pancakes would be over.

We went to the UP Town Center branch on this papal visit holiday. The other establishments were closed but IHOP was open for business.

IMG_1948aThere were very few people when we arrived a little before 8:00 am. I had a hard time choosing what to order because everything looked delicious.

IMG_1949aI was tempted to go with their sandwiches, but I thought I’d try their specialty – pancakes.

IMG_1950aI ordered the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity Combo. It was described as “two buttermilk pancakes crowned with whipped topping and topped with your choice of cool strawberry topping, warm blueberry or cinnamon apple compote, served with two eggs, two bacon strips and two pork sausage links”. It was a lot, but one egg would go to my daughter while the other egg and the sausage links would go to my husband.

It took a while for our food to be served. By then more people had arrived and the place was getting crowded. Well, maybe it was because the tables are placed quite closely together. While waiting, I noticed the syrup selection on the table.


There are 4 bottles of syrup on each table – old fashioned, blueberry, butter pecan and strawberry. I tried the butter pecan but found it too “buttery” so I went with the old fashioned.


The presentation was okay, although I would have liked the plate to be bigger. The pancakes were fluffy alright, but too flaky. They crumble easily. I was disappointed that my quest for good pancakes has not ended.

The other things that my family ordered were okay. The kids liked their crepe and waffles. Bacon and sausages were okay too. Coffee was refillable. Service today was poor, especially when more people started coming in.

I wasn’t too happy with my choice but I am willing to give IHOP another try. Maybe I’ll have the omelette next time.

Lunch at UP Town Center: Dessert at Dulcelin Gourmet Restaurant

After having lunch at 8 Cuts Burger Blends, we moved to the restaurant beside it for dessert. We’ve been fans of Dulcelin’s Mango Torte for some time. Now we wanted to try their other offerings.

Chino ordered the Banoffee Pie. He always orders banoffee pie whenever he sees it on the menu of a restaurant. He says this is the best he’s tasted. I agree. After putting together bananas, cream, an Oreo crust, chocolate ganache, dulce de leche and Nutella, how can you go wrong?

Banoffee Pie

Banoffee Pie

Trixi and I shared a slice of Callebaut Chocolate Ganache Cake. The serving was big enough to share. The chocolate cake, though very moist, was not too sweet. It was okay, but I’ve had better chocolate cakes elsewhere.

Callebaut Chocolate Ganache Cake

Callebaut Chocolate Ganache Cake

The winner was still their house specialty, the Mango Torte. It really is the best. I just wish, though, that they would let the slice thaw out a bit first before serving. It is served frozen but better eaten after it has thawed out a bit.

Mango Torte

Mango Torte

Dulcelin Gourmet Restaurant also serves lunch and dinner. Maybe next time, we can try their entrees too.

Lunch at UP Town Center: 8 Cuts Burger Blends

We’ve been wanting to try 8 Cuts Burger Blends but haven’t had the chance to do so until today. After Trixi’s Math competition, we had lunch at the UP Town Center. Last time we were there, the place was packed with diners. We were surprised to find very few people around during the lunch hour. Maybe because school is out already for the summer.

We chose to have lunch at 8 Cuts Burger Blends.

ImageI ordered the Burger with additional yellow cheddar and bacon slices. The kids had The Cheeseburger. These burgers came with either the No. 3 (their original house dressing) or the No. 4 (described as “a tangy and slightly spiced sauce made with a classic red relish base”). We chose the No. 3 dressing for all our burgers.

The Cheeseburger

The Cheeseburger

Bong had The Piggy.

The Piggy

The Piggy

The Piggy is a quarter-pounder Beef Bomb blend (blend of chuck and short rib) patty with mozzarella, fried bacon strips, house-made bacon jam, lollo rossa, tomatoes, garlic aioli on a sesame seed bun.

We also ordered the Skinny Fries, “pimped-up” to Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese.

Skinny Fries Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese

Skinny Fries Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese

On the whole, all of us were happy with our burgers. The patties were juicy, tender and very flavorful. Bong felt, though, that the bacon overpowered the taste of the burger in his order. The fries were also good. I prefer a thicker cut for my fries, though.

They had interesting choices for desserts and shakes. Maybe next time we can try them out.


Casa Verde at UP Town Center

I’ve been hearing about the new restaurants that opened along Katipunan Ave. at the new UP Town Center. We decided to have lunch there today. It was our first time there. Upon our arrival, the first thing we noticed was a line of cars. It turns out that they were in line to enter the parking area. We were disheartened at the prospect of having to wait to get a parking slot when the guard told us that there were more parking spaces just a little further down, in the old UPIS grounds.

After securing our parking spot, we headed to the row of restaurants. This being a new place, there were still some empty stalls and most of the restaurants had signs saying they are not yet able to process credit cards so only cash payments will be accepted. All the restaurants seemed to be appetizing. But we decided to go to Casa Verde. We were asked to wait for a table. Luckily for us, we were seated after just a couple of minutes.

The menu was fairly diverse. For the main course, there were ribs, steaks, chicken, seafood, and pasta. Our server, Edwin, warned us that the servings were big so we might want to share. Good thing we listened to him. Their specialty, Brian’s Ribs, was good for two. The kids had the spaghetti and burger bites. Food was good, serving size was generous, and the price was reasonable. I can imagine a lot of the students in and around Katipunan spending a lot of their lunch breaks there.

We were happy with our lunch choices. And we made a note of which restaurant we want to visit next. It looks like we will be back at the UP Town Center soon.