Grateful Project Day 98: Scholastic Star Reader Award

Trixi came home today with good news. She was given the Scholastic Star Reader Award. The award came with a gold medal and a pack of Scholastic books. In their school library, Scholastic offers books with their Lexile measure on the cover. The idea is for readers to read books within their Lexile range for optimum comprehension. Reading within that range allows the student to grow. They encounter some difficulty in the process, but not enough to frustrate them or discourage them. I am grateful that Trixi was given this award and hope that it will further encourage her to become a life-long reader. I am also grateful to Scholastic for promoting reading to the children of today.

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Grateful Project Day 73: Friends Who Read

I am always on the look-out for books to read. But nowadays, there’s just so many to choose from that it’s hard to make a choice. It’s a good thing I have friends who read a lot and who make excellent recommendations. I am grateful for these friends who share their book-finds with me.

Grateful Project Day 52: Raising Readers

IMG_0893I am grateful that my children love to read. Sure, they love to play games on the tablet and in the computer. But they still make it a point to read a lot. Not too many children enjoy reading nowadays, especially with all the video games available across different platforms. So I am grateful that my kids continue to devote time to reading.