Trixi, by Caitlin

Trixi and her classmate Caitlin teamed up for their school’s photo challenge. Caitlin took this photo of Trixi that day. I love how it shows Trixi’s playfulness and interest in the things around her. I love how it shows how innocent she still is. I know it won’t be long now before she grows up into a young lady. So I will enjoy moments like this while I still can. Thank you, Caitlin, for this photo.


Bonding with My 2019 Co-officers

I have been pretty active in the PTA ever since Chino entered Philippine Science High School. But it was mostly work I did from the house. I could not go to school often because Trixi was still in Antipolo. But now that they are both in PSHS and we live closer to school, I have increased my involvement in the PTA groups of both year levels. With Batch 2019, our President Irene included the presidents, secretaries and treasurers of each class in the Batch Council. It was in the course of the year that I got to know more of my 2019 fellow PTA officers. We worked together in the selling of t-shirts and movie premiere tickets, putting up seminars and workshops, decorating the gym for Family Day and so many meetings in between. It was hard work a lot of the time, but being with them didn’t make it feel like work. Being with people who shared the same dedication and work ethic made the experience a pleasant one. I hope that I can have the same experience with Batch 2021.

Meeting Rep. Leni Robredo

I’m not a big fan of politicians in general. I’ve been disappointed with so many of them. Yet I try to remain hopeful. I feel I have to continue hoping that things will get better, mainly for my children and their future. In the upcoming May 2016 elections, no presidential candidate interests me. But with the entry of Rep. Leni Robredo in the vice-presidential race, I am once again hopeful. Hopeful that we can have a government official who is honest, who is simple, who genuinely cares.

This afternoon, we were honored to have Rep. Robredo as guest in the induction of the PSHS Parent Officers. She spoke as a mother to Jillian, her Gr. 10 PSHS daughter and to her two other daughters. It was refreshing to hear someone in government without the arrogance one usually finds in other politicians. She was very candid and gracious. I really hope she wins next year. The country may yet have a chance, with people like Rep. Leni Robredo.


Grateful Project Day 186: Productive Meeting

This morning, all the parent officers of my son’s batch met to discuss the different activities for the year. I did not expect much from this meeting. Last year, we just got to meet the different parent representatives and have a snack. I thought this meeting would go down that way too. Our Batch Adviser started things off. We discussed the activities and requirements for the year. We talked about how we could help our children. Our Batch Adviser is young and full of new ideas. The parents brought out various concerns and he was very patient in answering all the questions. I am very grateful that this morning’s meeting was very productive. I hope this schoolyear proves to be a good one for our students.

Grateful Project Day 175: A Supportive Class Adviser

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I volunteered to be a class parent officer in my son’s class. In my capacity as secretary, I deal a lot with the class adviser. This year, I am excited to work with our new class adviser. We met her after the orientation last week. She seems nice – strict, but nice. We’ve had some exchange of e-mails this past week and it seems that she is very eager to take on her new wards. I look forward to working with her this coming school year.

Grateful Project Day 169: My Son’s Scholarship

My husband and I both value education. Ever since we had children, we prioritized education above all. We wanted to give our children the best education that we could afford. The schools they attended are chosen because we think they can best prepare our children for the future. But getting a good education is expensive. I am very grateful that my son was able to get into Philippine Science High School where all the students are given scholarships, stipends and free books. He gets topnotch education without us having to spend an arm and a leg. He brought home these books that he will be using this year:

Fotor0619140246These books alone would already cost a lot. I am grateful that my son is a scholar.

Grateful Project Day 85: PSHS to Stay in QC – Pres. Aquino

The Philippine Science High School isĀ  a specialized public high school that offers a “secondary course with special emphasis on subjects pertaining to the Sciences with the end view of preparing its students for a Science career”. Scholarships are given to Filipino students who show giftedness in the sciences and mathematics. Admission is limited to those who pass the National Competitive Examinations (NCE). Only 240 out of the more than 20,000 students who take the exam annually are allowed admission. The top scorers are admitted to the Main Campus in Quezon City.

When Chino passed the NCE, he said that he would prefer to study High School there. He said that he is inclined to take up Engineering or Math in college, so going to PSHS would prepare him better for it. Of course, we were supportive of his decision but there was a nagging question that was at the back of our heads.

The PSHS Main Campus has been in Quezon City for the past 50 years, from the time it started operations in 1964. But in recent years, there have been reports that it was going to be transferred to the DOST compound in Bicutan. The Ayala group had acquired the huge tracts of land surrounding the campus and they were interested in building a new business district in the area. If the campus were to transfer to Bicutan, it would have a big effect on us.That would mean a longer commute to and from school. As it is, he is picked up very early and gets home at night. We cannot afford to add more time to his commute without sacrificing his health.

So today’s announcement, that PSHS will stay in Quezon City, is good news for us. I only hope that the next president will continue to honor that.