Grateful Project Day 108: Beautiful Day at the Beach

We’ve been spending our mornings at the beach here in Pola. Today, our friend H graciously let us use his beach house. It was a short walk from our house in the town proper. When we were kids, we had to take a short boat ride to get to the beach in Kabilang Ibayo. But now, there is a bridge that connects it to the town proper. It was a glorious, sunny day. Perfect beach weather. I only wish we could stay here longer.


Grateful Project Day 107: Seafood Galore

We were invited to dinner tonight by our childhood friend H. He laid out a sumptuous seafood feast in his house. I don’t get to buy fish often when we’re home. So I was glad to see the different kinds of fish he had prepared. I am grateful for all the seafood we enjoyed tonight.

Grateful Project Day 105: Returning to the Summer of My Childhood

041514-12Growing up, we spent a lot of our summer vacations in Pola, Oriental Mindoro. My father had been from that town and we would visit our grandmother during the summer. Although we grew up in Manila, my siblings and I have a lot of wonderful memories of our times there. But after getting married and having children, I couldn’t squeeze in a visit to Mindoro. Before I knew it, 19 years had passed since I last set foot there. This year, things fell into place. Two of my siblings and I were able to coordinate our schedules and managed to arrange to spend Holy Week in Mindoro. It felt really good to be back. I am grateful to be back.