Delicious Pies

Pi Breakfast & Pies is another place that serves breakfast fare all day long. It is located in Malingap St. near the restaurant row of Maginhawa Street. Frontage is small, with very limited parking. The main dining area is quite cramped but there are more seats available in the back.

We had the skillet frittata (made up of ham, bacon, longganisa, mushroom, spinach, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, green bell pepper, onion, garlic, tomato, ricotta, mozzarella and gruyere cheese cooked with three eggs), ham-cheese-onion omelette, smoked bangus and longsilog (house-made Vigan, Lukban and Cebu inspired longganisa served with aligue and salted egg rice). The rice meals came with a 5-minute egg, but you can specify how you want your eggs done.

The food was okay but nothing spectacular. The bread was good too. They have a display of the bread and cakes they sell. I wanted to try their Spanish bread with dulce de leche, but they weren’t available yet. We brought home some banana cream pie and smores pie. Both the pies were absolutely delicious! We will definitely be back for more of the pies, if we happen to be in the area.