Checking Out Another Burger Place: Grind Burger

There are a lot of new restaurants in The Block, SM North EDSA. We saw a burger place called Grind Burger. It’s located right in front of the Hypermarket at the Ground Floor.


Interiors are simple and pleasant to the eyes. The space is quite small, so there is no room for unnecessary clutter.


We ordered the Grind Burger, described as having “100% USDA house ground beef, brioche from the oven, vine ripe tomato, iceberg, sweet onion, American cheese and tiny’s secret sauce”. We were intrigued by the Deep Fried Mac and Cheese Balls, so we got that too.


The burger was a winner! The beef was juicy and the bread was delicious! They make their own brioche buns and they complement the burger wonderfully.


I liked the presentation of the mac and cheese balls. It gives a different twist to an old dish. But I wasn’t too crazy about it. I don’t think I’ll order it next time.

We enjoyed our burgers in Grind. It’s really great that they have delicious buns too.


Trying Out Torch

We were in the Trinoma Mall over the weekend and we wanted to try a new restaurant. Torch Restaurant says their specialties are sushi, pizza and steak – and since we love all those, we decided to give it a try.

While waiting for our order, we were given this serving of fried crunchy noodles. It was a pleasant change from the usual.


The California Roll was okay, just like the ones you would have in any Japanese restaurant. The Softshell Crab Salad, though, ¬†was a delight! I didn’t think the softshell crab would work with the greens and fruits, but it did! I just wish they put more dressing than they did.


The steak and eggs was generally okay too. The steak was tasty enough, but a little dry and on the tough side. We ordered it medium rare but was served rare, so you might want to adjust your order accordingly. It came with a glass of refreshing red iced tea. I love how their glass looks like it’s leaning to one side.


Of all the dishes we ordered that day, the Burger Mac and Cheese was the best! It was served in a skillet, the cheese topping nicely-browned and bubbling, with a sprinkling of bacon. We’ve ordered mac and cheese in different establishments and we think that this is one of the best versions around.


We wanted to try their desserts too but we were just so full already. We will definitely come back to try other items on their menu.