Bibimbap For Dinner

One dish that we discovered from our food court experiment was Bibimbap. I had always been curious about it but never got around to actually ordering it. It became one of Trixi’s favorite dishes once she had tried it. I figured it was an excellent way to get the kids to eat their vegetables and it seemed easy enough to do. So I tried to make Bibimbap for dinner.

Bibimbap is a Korean dish which means “mixed rice”. It is served on a hot plate, with hot steamed rice in the middle, topped by a sunny-side up egg. The meat and the vegetables are arranged separately around the rice. When ready to be consumed, everything is mixed together, hence the name. A spicy orange-colored sauce may be added to it.

My version of bibimbap

My version of bibimbap

This was dinner tonight. Everyone enjoyed it and the kids ate their fair share of veggies!