Archery at Gandiva Archery Range

My nephew is visiting from the US and I wanted the kids to have a unique activity. I had heard of Gandiva Archery from a friend whose kids had gone. I asked the kids if they wanted to try archery and they said yes. I made reservations for a weekday slot, just to make sure the three of them would be able to go together.

The Gandiva Archery Range is located on the 7th floor of One Corporate Center, Julia Vargas corner Meralco Avenues. The range was empty when we got there, it being a weekday early afternoon. I got them one hour sessions each, which included a set of archery equipment, target face, and safety gears, plus the instructor.


The kids had fun channelling their inner Katniss, Legolas and Hawkeye. Their arms felt sore afterwards, but they had a lot of fun.




I enjoy travelling. I like going to new places, discovering new restaurants, seeing the sights. I like preparing for a trip, awaiting seat sales on different airlines and beating everyone to the punch when the clock strikes 12. I enjoy preparing our itinerary, researching not only on the usual tourist spots, but also other interesting places or things that are not hyped about. Travelling gives us a chance to be together, away from work and school, on our own. Bong hardly goes on a day off when he’s in town so it’s only when we travel that he is really on vacation. He and I know that before we know it, our children will grow up and embark on their own adventures. So while we can, and while they still want to go with us, we try to travel as a family.

Trixi, by Caitlin

Trixi and her classmate Caitlin teamed up for their school’s photo challenge. Caitlin took this photo of Trixi that day. I love how it shows Trixi’s playfulness and interest in the things around her. I love how it shows how innocent she still is. I know it won’t be long now before she grows up into a young lady. So I will enjoy moments like this while I still can. Thank you, Caitlin, for this photo.


Grateful Project Day 170: Home

My husband and I try to take our kids to different places. From the time they are born, we bring them around whenever possible. There is nobody to leave them with, so most of the time, it is not a choice. When they got bigger, we brought them to different destinations, both in and out of the country. They have been to many provinces in the Philippines. They have visited a few Asian cities. So when I saw my daughter’s reply to a question asked in a school activity, my heart leaped.


Grateful Project Day 144: Successful Recital

The kids had their summer recital earlier today. They had been practicing on their violins these past couple of weeks. They invited their grandparents to come and watch them play the violin. I am grateful that the kids were able to play their pieces well. I am grateful that they are learning more and more from their wonderful teacher. I am grateful that their grandparents are still around to enjoy them and see them grow up.


Grateful Project Day 79: Ms. Jona

I am grateful for Ms. Jona, the Math coordinator in my daughter’s school. She was the teacher who chose my daughter to represent the school in an upcoming Math contest. She has been a big help in the contest preparations. My husband and I didn’t know how best to help our daughter. Ms. Jona lent her some books for her to go over. Aside from that, Ms. Jona is also holding one-on-one sessions with her to teach her advanced lessons and to give her practice exercises. We thought our daughter would resent having to do extra studying but she has been enjoying these preparations. She really loves the challenges! So thank you, Ms. Jona, for helping her in this endeavor.

Grateful Project Day 53: Edu

I am grateful for our pediatrician, Dr. Eduardo Borja. We have been bringing our kids to him since they were born. He’s always taken good care of them. I like that he is good with kids, no matter how fussy they may be. He is also very judicious regarding medication and laboratory tests. Trixi was still febrile today so we brought her in for a consult. We were concerned she might have measles. After all, we are in the middle of a measles epidemic in Metro Manila. But as it turns out, he doesn’t think it’s measles. She will be well and back in school soon.

Grateful Project Day 52: Raising Readers

IMG_0893I am grateful that my children love to read. Sure, they love to play games on the tablet and in the computer. But they still make it a point to read a lot. Not too many children enjoy reading nowadays, especially with all the video games available across different platforms. So I am grateful that my kids continue to devote time to reading.

Grateful Project Day 51: Helpful Busmates

I am grateful for Trixi’s busmates. Something had to be handed in today but she is still sick. So she asked her busmate Mikee to hand it in for her. We’re so glad she transferred to this bus. In her first school bus, she didn’t have many friends since they were all much older than she was. But in her present bus, they’re all within a couple of years apart. They have so much fun riding to and from school together.