Eggs For Breakfast: A Garden Oasis

Not too many restaurants are open at 7:00 am. Even those that serve breakfast usually open at 8:00. We were lucky to find Eggs For Breakfast one early morning.


Eggs For Breakfast is a small and cozy restaurant within a compound of an events place. They have manicured lawns, a pretty gazebo and a small koi pond. It was beautiful with the early morning sunshine.

Collage_Fotor_FotorThey have a wide range of breakfast options – omelettes, egg dishes, sandwiches, pancakes, rice meals. We had the beef tapa, Vigan longganisa and omelette. Everything tasted good! Serving size is adequate. Lovely place for a date or a quiet meal.

Comfort Food in My Old ‘Hood

When we were growing up, our area in Marikina was purely residential. We had to drive elsewhere if we wanted to eat out. Nowadays, Lilac Street is lined with restaurants with various food choices. We decided to try out Miguel & Maria for dinner when my brother and his family came over to visit.

Collage_Fotor_FotorWe ate there twice in a week and both times, the place was full! The ambience was homey, perfect for family gatherings. The food can be described as comfort food, food that is familiar, but given a new treatment. Serving sizes are quite generous. On our first visit, we had the tomahawk steak, spiced shrimps and baby back ribs. All of those were delicious! On this particular night, though, we had the roast herbed chicken, the stuffed pork chop and the mac and cheese. The mac and cheese was the best of the three. The chicken was good, but the pork chop was a disappointment. It was tough and dry.

For dessert, they had “home crafted ice cream” with unique flavors. We tried the butterbeer and it was yummy! The brownie ala mode, chocolate cake and blueberry cheesecake were also delicious.

Eating in Miguel & Maria is like having a family reunion in your grandparents’ house – good food, homey ambience, great company.



I enjoy travelling. I like going to new places, discovering new restaurants, seeing the sights. I like preparing for a trip, awaiting seat sales on different airlines and beating everyone to the punch when the clock strikes 12. I enjoy preparing our itinerary, researching not only on the usual tourist spots, but also other interesting places or things that are not hyped about. Travelling gives us a chance to be together, away from work and school, on our own. Bong hardly goes on a day off when he’s in town so it’s only when we travel that he is really on vacation. He and I know that before we know it, our children will grow up and embark on their own adventures. So while we can, and while they still want to go with us, we try to travel as a family.

Grateful Project Day 170: Home

My husband and I try to take our kids to different places. From the time they are born, we bring them around whenever possible. There is nobody to leave them with, so most of the time, it is not a choice. When they got bigger, we brought them to different destinations, both in and out of the country. They have been to many provinces in the Philippines. They have visited a few Asian cities. So when I saw my daughter’s reply to a question asked in a school activity, my heart leaped.


Grateful Project Day 153: Family Clean Up

This summer has been quite hectic, which means we hardly had time to put things in order around the house. Now that vacation is almost over and the activities are winding down, we had some free time to ourselves. Now nobody wants to do clean up for free time, including me. But it just needed to be done. So we all buckled down to work. Each one cleaning up one corner at a time, keeping things were they should be, throwing out trash, wiping surfaces, sorting out things. It was tedious and unpleasant, but doing it together made the job a little easier. We put on some music to lighten the mood. After a couple of hours, the house looked bright and inviting again. For how long, that remains to be seen.

Grateful Project Day 144: Successful Recital

The kids had their summer recital earlier today. They had been practicing on their violins these past couple of weeks. They invited their grandparents to come and watch them play the violin. I am grateful that the kids were able to play their pieces well. I am grateful that they are learning more and more from their wonderful teacher. I am grateful that their grandparents are still around to enjoy them and see them grow up.


Grateful Project Day 117: Cousins

My kids have very few first cousins. They have none on my husband’s side. On my side, they have three. One of them lives in the US. So it’s very rare to get all of them together. Last night, my brother invited all the kids for a sleep-over in his house. It was great seeing them play together and just have a lot of fun. Here’s to more fun times with cousins!Image