Surviving the Crocs Mega Sale

Mega Leaflets 5.5X8.5inI thought we had a good battle plan for the Crocs Mega Sale.  I had made a list of the styles and sizes each one of us wanted.  Bong was to be there at the opening hour, look around, get what was on the list and be out with time to spare before his clinic hours.  But when he got there a few minutes after 10:00, there were around 200 people ahead of him in the line going in!  So I arranged to go there, take his place in the line so he can go to work.

I managed to get in at 12:30 pm.  It was chaos!  They were simply not prepared for the huge turn-out.  There was no way the 5 or 6 people they had at the children’s section would be able to cope with the throng of angry moms, each armed with a list of her own.  After waiting for 45 minutes for my order, the guy came back to tell me, “Ma’am, walang size 12/13”.  *#$%*  What a waste of time!  So I moved on to the women’s section.  By then, I guess the Crocs people realized that their manpower was not enough.  So they just left the merchandise in boxes, allowing the people to go find their own stuff.  After an hour of going through all those dusty boxes, I was able to get all the Crocs that I needed.  By then, the line at the cashier had snaked all the way to the back of the tent.  All told, it took me 2 hours 15 minutes to reach the cashier.  I was just so relieved that I was done!

I’m satisfied with my purchases.  The discounts were really substantial – I wouldn’t have gone through the ordeal if I thought it wasn’t worth it.  But I hope they get it right next time.  It would have been better to just arrange the Crocs by size, like this area for sizes 3 – 5, and so on.  That way, you would know what style and colors are available for that particular size.  The system of having 5 or 6 people to receive orders never stood a chance.

I felt so exhausted at the end of it all.  But armed it my plastic bags full of our new Crocs sandals, I had a smile on my face, especially when others drooled about the savings I made.