Trixi, by Caitlin

Trixi and her classmate Caitlin teamed up for their school’s photo challenge. Caitlin took this photo of Trixi that day. I love how it shows Trixi’s playfulness and interest in the things around her. I love how it shows how innocent she still is. I know it won’t be long now before she grows up into a young lady. So I will enjoy moments like this while I still can. Thank you, Caitlin, for this photo.



Bonding with My 2019 Co-officers

I have been pretty active in the PTA ever since Chino entered Philippine Science High School. But it was mostly work I did from the house. I could not go to school often because Trixi was still in Antipolo. But now that they are both in PSHS and we live closer to school, I have increased my involvement in the PTA groups of both year levels. With Batch 2019, our President Irene included the presidents, secretaries and treasurers of each class in the Batch Council. It was in the course of the year that I got to know more of my 2019 fellow PTA officers. We worked together in the selling of t-shirts and movie premiere tickets, putting up seminars and workshops, decorating the gym for Family Day and so many meetings in between. It was hard work a lot of the time, but being with them didn’t make it feel like work. Being with people who shared the same dedication and work ethic made the experience a pleasant one. I hope that I can have the same experience with Batch 2021.

Our Math Champion

Last month, Trixi was chosen to represent her school in the Regional Division of the MathScore Quiz Bee. The school fielded one contestant per grade level from Grade 3 to Grade 9. She was the Grade 6 representative. Two of them, Trixi and the Grade 7 contestant, placed in the top three in their field and went on to the Nationals.


I had mixed feelings about going to the competition with her. I wanted to provide moral support for her but I didn’t know if my presence would distract her. We ended up asking her if she wanted me there and she said yes. So I accompanied her to the Nationals. We met up with her Math coach and the other contestant from her school. She was cool the whole time, just trying to answer the questions in the other grade levels.

When it was her turn to compete, I was a nervous wreck. I tried to focus on the questions but I couldn’t think of anything. I was just looking at her and admiring how cool she still was. If she was nervous, she sure didn’t show it. After a couple of mistakes in the easy round, she was on a roll. She aced the average and difficult rounds, where correct answers carried more weight. She won first place in her division! I couldn’t believe it, and for a while, neither could she. So proud of you, our Math Champion!

Our Math Champion

Our Math Champion

My Emerald Friends

When my son started out in his new high school, I was fortunate to meet the parents of his new classmates. Over the schoolyear, we have become good friends. We shared in the excitement of the Paskorus, as well as the agony of low and failing grades that are children received. Now that our children are no longer in the same section, some of us continue to meet and get together when we can, to share stories and catch up with each other. One of my son’s former classmates no longer goes to that school but her mom is still part of our group. We continue to help each other and support each other. I am grateful that they have become part of my life.

Emerald Parents

Emerald Parents

Grateful Project Day 203: My Daughter’s Recollection

Every year, my daughter’s school holds a recollection for every class starting in Grade 3. It gives them a chance to reflect on their faith, relationships, and personal matters. The students look forward to their recollection with much eagerness. I am glad that they are given this opportunity to explore their faith further and to learn more about themselves and how they interact with other people.

Grateful Project Day 192: Successful Acquaintance Party

My son’s class had their acquaintance party today. As an officer of the class’ PTA, I was in charge of today’s activity. On top of that, I had a lot of errands to run today. But everything went well. Attendance was good, despite the bad weather. The kids and the parents enjoyed the games and the food. Some of the teachers attended too. I am grateful that our first activity for the year proved to be a success.