Excellent Filipino Cuisine at Provenciano

Karen’s here for Christmas and we met up with her for lunch. She lives in the UP Village, so we chose to go to Provenciano to avoid the horrible December traffic.

Provenciano is one of the restaurants along Maginhawa Street. They have their own parking space in front of the restaurant. There is a quaint little stall outside the main dining hall, where a lady cooks puto bumbong and bibingka. Don’t forget to bring home some after your meal.

The main dining area is quite big. It is very tastefully-decorated. But even though the restaurant is spacious, the place got filled up very quickly soon after we arrived.


We ordered the Crispy Pata, Sugpong Bataan (fresh prawns simmered in coconut cream and crab fat cooked the Bataan way), Sinigang na Baboy, Pinakbet, McArthur’s Rice (garlic fried rice with crab fat and smoked fish flakes), Leche Flan and Turon sa Sikwate.


Everything we ordered was delicious! Provenciano serves Filipino food in an excellent setting. This is one place where you can bring your guests to proudly show off Filipino cuisine.


Midweek Reunion at B&B: Burgers and Brewskies

It’s been a while since I had joined my high school friends for a get-together. Either it’s too far, or I can’t leave, or some other reason. So when this reunion was set up, I took the chance while the kids are still on vacation.

B&B: Burgers and Brewskies is located at the Ground Floor of Estancia Mall in Pasig. It’s a relatively new mall, with lots of beautiful stores and not too many people. For a weekday night, there were quite a number of people in B&B, mostly people who had just come from the office.

Chicken wings are on a buy-one-take-one deal on Tuesdays and we made full use of that. You can choose different flavors for your wings. We had the salt and pepper, zesty barbecue and honey garlic. All of them were delicious! For Happy Hour, they had three drinks at 50% off – lychee martini, margarita and rum coke. I had their mojito and it was pretty good. Food and drinks were great!


Nadai Fujisoba: Japanese Noodles Other Than Ramen

I guess I’m still on a Japan hang-over. I met up with some friends for lunch at Nadai Fujisoba at the SM North EDSA The Block. I love Japanese food, but I haven’t tried other Japanese noodles besides ramen. Nadai Fujisoba offers hot and cold udon and soba, as well as other Japanese dishes.


I like the interiors of Nadai Fujisoba. The black and white decor on the walls provide a clean-looking aura.

I had the Ebiten Udon – hot udon noodles served with 2 pieces of tempura.IMG_4234_Fotor

I liked the udon – chewy and soft. My friends tried the cold noodles and they liked that too.  I’d gladly recommend Nadai Fujisoba. Price is reasonable, serving size is adequate and taste is good.


Quick Day Trip To Nagcarlan

We are firm believers of domestic tourism. We try to bring the kids to a new town/province/region in the Philippines every year. With the change in the academic calendar, vacation was pushed to the rainy season, so we didn’t make plans to go far. I chose Nagcarlan, Laguna as our local destination this year. Our good friend, Amie Malabag-Hernandez, was recently elected as the Vice-Mayor of Nagcarlan. I got in touch with her and she agreed to meet us.


With Vice Mayor-elect Amie Hernandez

Amie first brought us to the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. It is the only underground cemetery in the Philippines. During the Philippine Revolution, the cemetery served as a meeting place of leaders of the Katipunan. It also served as hideout during the Philippine-American War and World War II.

Collage_Fotor nag_Fotor

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

We also visited a candy-making factory and the vegetable tram which was high up in the mountains.

Collage_Fotor nag2_Fotor

For our last stop before lunch, Amie brought us to the Nagcarlan Forest Resort. Aside from the usual swimming pools, this one had a stream of running water. The water was cool. Too bad we weren’t ready for swimming.

Collage_Fotor nag3_Fotor

Nagcarlan Forest Resort

By then, we were famished. Amie brought us to what used to be an abandoned warehouse, but is now a “boodle fight” restaurant. Boodle fight is how soldiers eat – the rice and viands are placed on banana leaves in the middle of the table and each one gets from there and eat with their bare hands. The food was delicious!

Collage_Fotor nag4_Fotor

Boodle fight!

Our last stop in Nagcarlan was the San Bartolome Apostol Parish Church. It is a beautifully-preserved church. The original floor tiles from Talavera, Spain are still there on the walls. This church was used as setting for “Kampanerang Kuba”, the movie which starred Vilma Santos, as well as the television series which starred Anne Curtis.

Collage_Fotor nag5_Fotor

San Bartolome Apostol Parish Church

This trip was very educational and fun for all of us. Thank you to our very gracious host, Amie, for a day of discovery.



Bonding with My 2019 Co-officers

I have been pretty active in the PTA ever since Chino entered Philippine Science High School. But it was mostly work I did from the house. I could not go to school often because Trixi was still in Antipolo. But now that they are both in PSHS and we live closer to school, I have increased my involvement in the PTA groups of both year levels. With Batch 2019, our President Irene included the presidents, secretaries and treasurers of each class in the Batch Council. It was in the course of the year that I got to know more of my 2019 fellow PTA officers. We worked together in the selling of t-shirts and movie premiere tickets, putting up seminars and workshops, decorating the gym for Family Day and so many meetings in between. It was hard work a lot of the time, but being with them didn’t make it feel like work. Being with people who shared the same dedication and work ethic made the experience a pleasant one. I hope that I can have the same experience with Batch 2021.

Throwback to High School

I do not get to see much of my friends from High School. I am only able to catch up with them through social media. Since we graduated from High School, I have attended only two reunions.  Most of my former classmates, I have not seen since we graduated. It’s not that I didn’t want to join. The reunions were held in places that were quite geographically challenging for me. I couldn’t leave the kids. But I always hoped to join them in one of their fun gatherings.

Sometime in November, one of my classmates, Pinky, decided to host a gathering in her house to celebrate her birthday. It was in far away Alabang. Then Tere offered me a ride home. Marilette offered to pick me up and bring me to the venue. Bong agreed to stay home to be with the kids. Things somehow fell into place. I was so excited to be with these girls again.

We had so much fun tonight. It seemed like we just saw each other in class. It didn’t feel like a lifetime had passed since we were actually in the same room. There was so much laughter my cheeks hurt. I had not laughed like that in a long time. We were just as crazy as we were back in High School. I am grateful that they did not give up on me after all these years.

Still feels like high school

Still feels like high school

My Emerald Friends

When my son started out in his new high school, I was fortunate to meet the parents of his new classmates. Over the schoolyear, we have become good friends. We shared in the excitement of the Paskorus, as well as the agony of low and failing grades that are children received. Now that our children are no longer in the same section, some of us continue to meet and get together when we can, to share stories and catch up with each other. One of my son’s former classmates no longer goes to that school but her mom is still part of our group. We continue to help each other and support each other. I am grateful that they have become part of my life.

Emerald Parents

Emerald Parents


Both Bong and I have known Cesar for a very long time. We first came together as INTARMED classmates fresh out of high school. Since then, we have become not just classmates, but also dorm mates, colleagues in the medical profession and even godparents to each other’s children. We have shared good times and bad. We have seen each other’s best and worst. And through all these, we have remained steadfast friends. All this time, we have found Cesar to be a gentleman, dependable, loyal and always ready and willing to help. To Bong and me, Cesar is not just a friend. He is family. Happy 50th birthday, Cesar!

Happy Birthday, Cesar!

Happy Birthday, Cesar!

Grateful Project Day 217: Karen

I’ve known Karen since we became classmates in college. All throughout pre-med and medical school, she was always dependable, loyal, rational. You can rely on her good judgment for anything. When I felt low, I would go to her apartment and tell her everything. She gave out good advice and big hugs. After medical school, she went to the US where she eventually practiced. But whenever we find ourselves in the same country, whether here or in the US, we would get together and pick up from where we left off. Today, she celebrates her birthday. I wish her many more happy years, good health and much love always.