A Convenient One-Stop Shop for Government Services

I used to dread having to avail of government services. Lines are long, offices are hot and uncomfortable, employees are grouchy. I needed to send something by mail, but I didn’t want to have to go to the post office. I was even willing to pay more to send it by courier, but the courier said they did not deliver to that particular area. I asked the ladies in the information desk of SM North EDSA if there was a post office within the mall. She wasn’t sure, but she said I could try looking in the basement of the Annex.

I’m in the mall fairly often, but I have not seen any post office there. The guard pointed me to the very end of the Annex, just before the bowling alley. You wouldn’t think there was anything beyond the two guards posted. You enter a corridor and at the end, you will see this:


With SM Government Service Express, now you can transact with these offices in the comfort of a mall. The offices were lined up against the walls, leaving lots of seats in the middle for the customers. When I got there on a weekday afternoon, there were hardly any people. So I was able to mail my parcel in a minute.

Thank you to SM Malls and the government for finding new ways to serve the public and to make their services more readily accessible to everyone.


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