I enjoy travelling. I like going to new places, discovering new restaurants, seeing the sights. I like preparing for a trip, awaiting seat sales on different airlines and beating everyone to the punch when the clock strikes 12. I enjoy preparing our itinerary, researching not only on the usual tourist spots, but also other interesting places or things that are not hyped about. Travelling gives us a chance to be together, away from work and school, on our own. Bong hardly goes on a day off when he’s in town so it’s only when we travel that he is really on vacation. He and I know that before we know it, our children will grow up and embark on their own adventures. So while we can, and while they still want to go with us, we try to travel as a family.

Trixi, by Caitlin

Trixi and her classmate Caitlin teamed up for their school’s photo challenge. Caitlin took this photo of Trixi that day. I love how it shows Trixi’s playfulness and interest in the things around her. I love how it shows how innocent she still is. I know it won’t be long now before she grows up into a young lady. So I will enjoy moments like this while I still can. Thank you, Caitlin, for this photo.