Bonding with My 2019 Co-officers

I have been pretty active in the PTA ever since Chino entered Philippine Science High School. But it was mostly work I did from the house. I could not go to school often because Trixi was still in Antipolo. But now that they are both in PSHS and we live closer to school, I have increased my involvement in the PTA groups of both year levels. With Batch 2019, our President Irene included the presidents, secretaries and treasurers of each class in the Batch Council. It was in the course of the year that I got to know more of my 2019 fellow PTA officers. We worked together in the selling of t-shirts and movie premiere tickets, putting up seminars and workshops, decorating the gym for Family Day and so many meetings in between. It was hard work a lot of the time, but being with them didn’t make it feel like work. Being with people who shared the same dedication and work ethic made the experience a pleasant one. I hope that I can have the same experience with Batch 2021.

Late Lunch in Tendon Tenya

Another work day done. It’s late in the afternoon and Bong and I haven’t had lunch. We find one that’s near the clinic and not too crowded. Tendon Tenya is on the 4th floor of SMMegamall Building A


Tempura is what they offer and so that’s what we got. Their tempura was good, batter was crisp and light. Nothing fancy, just your basic tempura. The serving portion for the rice was quite small. I wonder how similar this would fare compared to the tempura in their Tokyo branches.