Buffalo Wild Wings: Big Disappointment

One of our all-time favorite restaurants in California was Buffalo Wild Wings. Before I had their wings, I did not like Buffalo Wings at all. But since then, it is now one of my favorite things to eat. So I was very excited when I found out that Buffalo Wild Wings was opening a branch here in the Philippines. We scheduled a trip to Estancia Mall where it is located.

The Estancia Mall is a beautiful mall, with wide corridors and not too many people. There are ample parking spaces offered in the basement. The shops are on the higher end, with stores like Pottery Barn, Isaac Mizrahi, L’Occitane, Samsonite, among others. There are a lot of restaurants – a lot of them look promising.

Like in the US, the wings are served with celery or carrots, bleu cheese or ranch dressing. But the similarity ends there. The wings were small, the serving size was small, the chicken tenders looked pathetic. For a US-based chain, the small serving size was a big let-down. We ordered the wings in Honey Barbecue sauce, which was midway in their spiciness levels. It had no spice at all! We also tried the Mango Habanero. That one was better – flavorful, with a sweet-spicy combination. The large serving (at least 20 pieces) costs P895++. The basket of fries was okay, but again, serving size was on the small size, considering the price (P225++).


We’ve had better-tasting wings in Manila for much less than this. What a big disappointment!



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