Kanin Club: Traditional Filipino Comfort Food

We had just come from a wake and according to a Filipino superstition called “pagpag”, one should not go straight home after coming from a wake. One had to stop somewhere else first before going home. So from the wake, we had dinner in UP Ayala Technohub.

The commercial area in UP Ayala Technohub is a nice place for strolling. There is a big empty space in the middle for kids to play, run, bike, skateboard, (or these days), use the hoverboard. The restaurants are arranged along the edge. There was a cool breeze tonight and it made the evening more pleasurable.

Kanin Club offers traditional Filipino comfort food. We started with Crispy Liempo (“light and crispy pork belly strips ready for dipping in three kinds of sauce”).   It is a light appetizer, with just enough saltiness to make you want to eat more. For dinner, we had the Binukadkad na Tilapia and Kare-kare. The tilapia was stripped to the bone and deep-fried whole. It was tasty and flavorful even without the accompanying sauce. The kare-kare was not very enticing. It looked pale and the sauce was runny. I prefer the kare-kare sauce that is thicker. But it proved to taste better than it looked. It was surprisingly good! It was a good thing that the kare-kare was soupy – we ended up pouring it over our plain rice for a tastier dinner. The bagoong that came with the kare-kare was also good. We were so full we couldn’t have dessert anymore.




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