Wooden Spoon: Filipino Comfort Food

I’ve been wanting to try the Wooden Spoon branch in Katipunan for some time now. But parking is a big problem in Katipunan, so we end up going somewhere else to eat. It’s a good thing Wooden Spoon opened another branch in Pasig and that’s where we ate one rainy day.

The interiors of Wooden Spoon is very cozy. It gives you the feeling that you are in a friend’s house for lunch.

We were the first customers for the day. We ordered the Kaldereta, Boneless Crispy Chicken and Adobong Kangkong with Lechon Kawali Bite. When the waiter brought us the vegetables, he told us that the Kaldereta was not available. I wish he informed us much earlier so we could have adjusted our order. We ordered Kare-Kare to replace the Kaldereta.

The food was delicious, the interiors were great, but the service needs to be improved.




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