The Halal Guys: Over-rated

Shortly after the Food Court opened in the Mega Fashion Hall, a huge tarp came up, announcing the coming of The Halal Guys. There was a lot of buzz about it, since it was going to be the first branch of the famed NYC-based food cart business outside of the United States. The excitement grew as the opening date was announced.

True enough, when it opened in Megamall last October, long lines were the norm, any day of the week, moreso on weekends. Initial reviews from people we knew were not very encouraging but we wanted to experience it ourselves. By December, the lines were manageable.


The food was offered in three sizes – small, regular and New York size. While waiting in line, their attendants showed us samples of how big the platters were so we can gauge what size was best for us. We got the chicken and gyro platters, one small and one regular size. The chicken, gyro and vegetables are placed on top of a huge serving of rice. They put their trademark white sauce over the meat. They have a spicy red sauce, if you prefer yours with an extra kick.

How did I find it? There was a lot of rice but not enough meat. The chicken was bland. The meal isn’t cheap for its size. I’m still glad I tried it, but I’m not getting in line again for this one.


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