Meeting Rep. Leni Robredo

I’m not a big fan of politicians in general. I’ve been disappointed with so many of them. Yet I try to remain hopeful. I feel I have to continue hoping that things will get better, mainly for my children and their future. In the upcoming May 2016 elections, no presidential candidate interests me. But with the entry of Rep. Leni Robredo in the vice-presidential race, I am once again hopeful. Hopeful that we can have a government official who is honest, who is simple, who genuinely cares.

This afternoon, we were honored to have Rep. Robredo as guest in the induction of the PSHS Parent Officers. She spoke as a mother to Jillian, her Gr. 10 PSHS daughter and to her two other daughters. It was refreshing to hear someone in government without the arrogance one usually finds in other politicians. She was very candid and gracious. I really hope she wins next year. The country may yet have a chance, with people like Rep. Leni Robredo.


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