More Burgers: Wham! Burgers Disappoints

We used to eat at Wham! Burgers when they had an outlet in SM Megamall. We liked their juicy, tender burgers and the kids liked their spaghetti. They closed down that branch and we haven’t had Wham! since then. We were in SM North EDSA and saw that they had a branch there. We were eager to have their burgers and fries again.


The SM North EDSA branch is located in the 4th level of The Block. We ordered our burgers and waited eagerly.


The burger on the top left is the Wham! Burger with cheese (“one-third pound pure beef patty topped with ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato”). The one below it is a Wham! Burger with cheese plus add-on of bacon. The one on the right is the Double Whammy with cheese (“two one-third pound all beef, charcoal-grilled patties topped with ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato”).

We were surprised that the burgers were not as delicious as we had remembered. The burgers were quite bland. The bacon was stringy and not crispy. It was quite expensive too – the basic hamburger combo (with fries and drinks) costs P249! We were disappointed with our meal. With the proliferation of burger places all over Metro Manila, it’s unlikely we will come back to Wham! in the near future.

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