Breakfast at Ally’s All Day Breakfast

The kids had no school today but our son had to meet up with his classmates for a group project. So we decided to go for breakfast before we brought him there. I had been wanting to try some of the many restaurants in the Maginhawa area and this was an excellent time to do that. I chose Ally’s because they had more choices for breakfast. It was easy enough to find Ally’s as they had a very conspicuous sign outside. But parking was a bit of a problem. There were many “No Parking” signs along the street. The restaurant did not have their own parking space so you would have to compete for street parking with the customers of the numerous establishments in the area. Lucky for us, it was early in the day so we were able to park nearby. I can imagine how difficult it would be to find parking later on in the day.

The dining area is quite small. The tables and chairs are placed closely together to accommodate more diners. Outside dining is available too.

For breakfast, they offer a wide variety. They have rice meals, pancakes, waffles, French toast and omelettes. The kids chose to have the DIY pancakes, with bananas, Nutella and maple syrup.


The kids with their DIY pancakes

The kids with their DIY pancakes

My husband ordered the Vigan longganisa (he wanted to try the Lucban longganisa but was told it was unavailable)…

Vigan Longganisa

Vigan Longganisa

while I had the Dulce de Leche French toast and some bacon.

Dulce de Leche French Toast and Bacon Strips

Dulce de Leche French Toast and Bacon Strips

We all enjoyed our orders! We like the pancakes of Ally’s more than the ones from IHOP. They were fluffy and tasty and filling. The longganisa was good too. I loved the Dulce de Leche French toast! I had never tried French toast like that before. Maybe I’ll try to do it here at home one of these days. The bacon strips were well done, crispy and crunchy.

The food in Ally’s All Day Breakfast is reasonably priced and very affordable. I’d like to come back for more of their food.

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