Throwback to High School

I do not get to see much of my friends from High School. I am only able to catch up with them through social media. Since we graduated from High School, I have attended only two reunions.  Most of my former classmates, I have not seen since we graduated. It’s not that I didn’t want to join. The reunions were held in places that were quite geographically challenging for me. I couldn’t leave the kids. But I always hoped to join them in one of their fun gatherings.

Sometime in November, one of my classmates, Pinky, decided to host a gathering in her house to celebrate her birthday. It was in far away Alabang. Then Tere offered me a ride home. Marilette offered to pick me up and bring me to the venue. Bong agreed to stay home to be with the kids. Things somehow fell into place. I was so excited to be with these girls again.

We had so much fun tonight. It seemed like we just saw each other in class. It didn’t feel like a lifetime had passed since we were actually in the same room. There was so much laughter my cheeks hurt. I had not laughed like that in a long time. We were just as crazy as we were back in High School. I am grateful that they did not give up on me after all these years.

Still feels like high school

Still feels like high school


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