Grateful Project Day 220: Unplanned Walk

I was rushing to school earlier today. I had a class this morning and I wanted to leave sooner but  I had to wait for the school bus to pick up my daughter before I could leave. I left once she had gone and caught the bus. I was able to get a seat, which was a welcome change since the buses had been full in the last few times i went to class. It was a leisurely ride, I thought I had time to spare before class started. But about two kilometers away from school, the bus stopped moving. There was a major accident in the intersection ahead which blocked all traffic. In one hour, the bus moved about just one kilometer. People were getting down to walk to their destination. I was hoping to get a glimpse of structures near the school before I would get down, but it was already late. I ended up walking the last kilometer. I am grateful that the weather was perfect for a walk. The skies were overcast, there was a gentle breeze blowing. The walk turned out to be a beautiful stroll and a lovely way to start the day.

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