Grateful Project Day 220: Unplanned Walk

I was rushing to school earlier today. I had a class this morning and I wanted to leave sooner but  I had to wait for the school bus to pick up my daughter before I could leave. I left once she had gone and caught the bus. I was able to get a seat, which was a welcome change since the buses had been full in the last few times i went to class. It was a leisurely ride, I thought I had time to spare before class started. But about two kilometers away from school, the bus stopped moving. There was a major accident in the intersection ahead which blocked all traffic. In one hour, the bus moved about just one kilometer. People were getting down to walk to their destination. I was hoping to get a glimpse of structures near the school before I would get down, but it was already late. I ended up walking the last kilometer. I am grateful that the weather was perfect for a walk. The skies were overcast, there was a gentle breeze blowing. The walk turned out to be a beautiful stroll and a lovely way to start the day.

Grateful Project Day 217: Karen

I’ve known Karen since we became classmates in college. All throughout pre-med and medical school, she was always dependable, loyal, rational. You can rely on her good judgment for anything. When I felt low, I would go to her apartment and tell her everything. She gave out good advice and big hugs. After medical school, she went to the US where she eventually practiced. But whenever we find ourselves in the same country, whether here or in the US, we would get together and pick up from where we left off. Today, she celebrates her birthday. I wish her many more happy years, good health and much love always.

Grateful Project Day 215: Dinner with the Clan

The extended family on my father’s side used to be a big group. There were so many kids, many aunts and uncles. My siblings and I grew up with only two first cousins but many second cousins from my father’s side. Gatherings were always loud and noisy and fun. As years passed, a lot of them moved to different parts of the world. We don’t get together as much as we used to.

A few days ago, my cousin (together with her husband and son) arrived from Wales. They haven’t been here in many years. Tonight, her mom hosted a dinner for them. It was great to gather together again, enjoying a sumptuous meal, exchanging stories.

Grateful Project Day 214: New Favorite Cookie

My son and I waited for my daughter in a nearby Starbucks. At the pastry counter, something new caught my eye.

cookieThey call it Double Chocolate Salted Caramel Cookie. I figured, those are two of my favorite things – chocolate and caramel, what’s not to like? I ordered one and had it warmed. It tasted as good as it looked. The consistency is more like a brownie, gooey and soft. There was that hint of salt with the caramel. Absolute decadence!

Photo from Starbucks Philippines website

Grateful Project Day 213: Pope Francis

There have been many times that I feel so disappointed with the priests that I see. There’s one who always name-drops society matrons and recounts stories of his travels abroad, the one who got disappointed when he dressed up “only to find” that he was being sent to a squatter’s area. There’s another who is assigned to a very poor parish, yet manages to buy himself an expensive and powerful motorcycle. Then there are the priests who are involved in corruption scandals together with their chosen politicians. Let’s not even go into the child molestation and other socially-relevant issues.

Pope Francis has given me hope, hope that these priests will not be the norm but the exception. This article on the pope is a refreshing change from the other articles I’ve read about Catholic priests.