Grateful Project Day 206: Lunch in Tim Ho Wan (Finally)

We’ve been wanting to try eating at Tim Ho Wan since the branch in Megamall opened last May but the lines have always been long. Two months later, the wait is manageable – maybe 10 minutes. The restaurant looks like the usual dimsum place in Hong Kong – nothing fancy, noisy, just tables and chairs, with pieces of paper at the tables where you place your order, waiters going all around. Lack of ambience notwithstanding, the food is really excellent. The baked pork buns are delicious! The buns are sweet and light and the filling, savory. I also liked the prawn dumplings. The beancurd skin roll with shrimp was okay but was too oily for me. The vermicelli roll, I didn’t like so much. Next time, I’ll just concentrate on the pork buns and prawn dumplings.

Tim Ho Wan Baked Bun with BBQ Pork

Baked Pork Buns


Prawn Dumpling

Photos from Google Images


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