Grateful Project Day 197: Spared From The Wrath of Typhoon Glenda

Since yesterday, classes have been suspended because of Typhoon Glenda (international name: Typhoon Rammasun). The weather was not so bad yesterday, just occasional showers. But early this morning, we were awakened by the howling of the wind. We looked outside and saw trees bending and swaying. The rains weren’t strong, but the wind was so powerful. Pretty soon the power was cut off. The phone line went dead after that. I was worried that the food in the freezer (which I bought yesterday) would spoil if we didn’t have electricity for a long period of time. We tried to keep abreast of the day’s happenings through our mobile phones, but we had to use them judiciously as they were fast running out of battery. The rains stopped early in the afternoon and the sky cleared up a bit. But a wide area of Luzon had been out of electricity because of the damage caused by the typhoon. There was no indication as to when power would be restored. We went to the mall for dinner and found people seemingly in a state of panic. Everyone was rushing, buying a lot of things from the grocery, charging their phones in every available outlet. There was still no electricity when we got home. We tried to find room in the nearby hotels, but all of them were fully booked for the night. So while we fanned ourselves to sleep, we were all grateful that we were safe and unharmed.


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