Grateful Project Day 191: Lunch with My BFF

Cindy and I met when we were classmates in the third grade. But she moved to another school after that year and didn’t come back until we entered high school. We became classmates again in 1st year High School. That’s when we became close. After high school, we planned to take up the same course in college and enter the same university. She was going to be an orthodontist and I was going to be a doctor. But fate had other plans. I was accepted into a new program that would lead straight to Medicine. She pursued graduate studies in the US and eventually settled down there. We lived in different continents, but we continued to keep in touch through letters and postcards and Christmas cards. She would come back to visit occasionally and every time, we would meet and catch up. And every time, it was like we had just seen each other recently, even if it had been more than a couple of years. It’s easier now to keep in touch, with Facebook and emails and instant messaging.

Today, Cindy and I had lunch with her daughter, my goddaughter. It was great to be together again. We exchanged stories about our present lives and reminisced about our younger days. It was such a pleasure to spend some time together. For that, I am grateful.


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