Grateful Project Day 188: Help in a Fashion Emergency

I was never interested in make-up. I did not go through the phase where young girls play dress-up and put on make-up. I didn’t like to put on make-up, and I still don’t. I only wear make-up when I really have no other choice. So when I paid for my daughter’s graduation photo package, I was also planning to sign up for someone to fix her hair and put on light makeup. To my horror, I received notice today that I would have to do it myself! That was enough to put me in a state of panic. I quickly sent a message to my sister-in-law who is great with “girl” stuff (meaning clothes, make-up and accessories). She gave me some great advice, like what shade to use, and, more importantly, she was going to show me how. Whew! I’m glad my daughter has someone like her to teach her in those departments.


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