Grateful Project Day 168: New Schoolyear, New Set of Fellow Officers

The parents’ orientation in my son’s school was held today. New rules were explained, changes were clarified. After the orientation, it came time to break up into sections and hold elections for PTA positions. I was an officer last school year and I had been thinking if I want to do it again. It takes a lot of time, for sure. I was the secretary, so I was in charge of putting out announcements and reminders, posting pictures and other files. I was thinking if I wanted to do it all over again. For a while, I thought it would be nice to have others take charge this time. But I realized that we have received so much so I feel I should give back somehow. And serving as parent-officer would enable me to help the school and the students.

So, as we enter another school year, I offered my services once more. I am honored to be working with a new set of fellow officers who share my commitment to do what we can to help our kids and their school.


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