Grateful Project Day 167: Chocolate Snacks

I love chocolates. I don’t know what I’d do if I was told I can’t have them. But because of health concerns, my husband and I made an agreement that we would lessen our intake of chocolates. One way to do that would be to stop buying them. It is so hard to pass by the candy aisle in the grocery and not take a single bar of chocolate. My brother gave me some when he came for a visit earlier this year but my stash had been depleted. So I was thrilled to receive a bag of treats from a patient.

ImageI don’t like chocolate-covered biscuits when the chocolate is barely there. These, however, have a thick coating of chocolate around the biscuit. The chocolate is creamy and sweet. It is so hard to stop that you just want to keep popping them into your mouth.

Photo from Google Images


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