Grateful Project Day 160: Letting Go

We cleaned up the play room today. It was originally meant to be a play room for the kids, but as time passed, it became a storage area for old toys, gift items that have not been used, and anything else that wasn’t being used. My class is holding a garage sale sometime this month and I wanted to donate some things that they can sell. I thought it would be the perfect chance to clear out the room too.

It was difficult to let go of old toys. Each toy had a story, each one had a set of memories. “Blue’s Clues” was my son’s favorite show when he was in pre-school. We had all the books, DVDs, toys – he even had a green striped shirt like Steve’s. On the other hand, my daughter loved “Dora The Explorer”. There were various toys from the past many years – action figures, toy cars, planes, building blocks, stuffed toys. All of them were showered with much love, like the characters in “Toy Story”.

In the end, the kids agreed to let go of most of their old toys. It was time for other kids to enjoy those toys and to make their own memories.


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