An Afternoon in Manila Ocean Park

Both kids have gone to the Manila Ocean Park as part of their school field trip, but my husband and I have not had the chance to go there. We booked a stay at the Hotel H2O and were given tickets to some of the attractions of the Manila Ocean Park.

I think it’s great that we have this kind of attraction here in the Philippines, considering that marine life is so abundant in and around our country. We have visited the UnderWater World in Singapore and Sea World in San Diego and enjoyed those immensely. We were looking forward to seeing what Manila Ocean Park had to offer. We enjoyed going through the oceanarium, viewing the jellyfish exhibit and watching the sea lion show. Unfortunately, those were the only good points for us.

The park is small yet the over-all design seems disjointed. The attractions are separate from each other with no thought given to the flow of people. Visitors are allowed only single entry to the exhibits. I think it would have been better to allow repeated entry for as long as that attraction is part of your ticket. There are very few food stalls available and the few that were there had very limited food offerings. There were very few park attendants to guide visitors. The sea lion show, though entertaining, was short. The light and sound show would have been nice, but they chose to make it tacky, with mascots providing unnecessary skits depicting slapstick humor. It would have been much better if they just concentrated on the lights and the music. Admission is quite expensive too.


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