Grateful Project Day 145: The Gift of Sight

One of the hardest things I have had to do was to tell a patient that I cannot do anything more to save his sight. It breaks my heart to be so helpless in the face of devastating news. A patient of mine came in to get a prescription for eyeglasses which he thought would help him see better. Upon examination, though, I found out he was nearly completely blind due to a condition he has had since childhood. But he continues to work, he commutes by himself and tries to live independently. Glasses would not be helpful in this case. I had no alternative and that was what pained me. I wanted to offer him something, anything, to help him see better. Unfortunately, there was nothing.

So today, I reminded my children to be thankful for the gift of sight. We take it for granted, but it would turn our life upside down if we lose it.


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