Grateful Project Day 151: Banoffee Pie at Starbucks

It was the last day of my daughter’s review class so I had a lot of time on my hands waiting for her. After lunch, I went to Starbucks for some coffee. I changed my mind when I saw their banoffee pie and decided to have that instead.


Their banoffee pie is one of the best I’ve tasted. I like the crunch of the crust and the sweetness of the caramel inside. The bananas remain firm. The cream provides an excellent topping to this delicious dessert. Every bite of this was pure heaven!

Photo from Google Images

Grateful Project Day 150: Sibling Love

When they were younger, my kids bickered a lot. They’ve always gotten along fine, but there were times when they would argue about a lot of things. Now that they’re a little bit older, the fighting has decreased significantly. They are very close to one another. They hold hands while walking to their karate class. The older one accompanies his younger sister to her violin lessons. They both like watching “Dr. Who” and the “Star Wars” franchise. I hope they continue to be close to each other until they grow up.

Grateful Project Day 149: My friend DA

DA and I went to med school together and joined the same sorority. She has since moved to the US but comes back to visit around three or four times a year. We have remained in touch despite the distance, mainly through the Internet. I like her posts about books, music and film. This is one of the photos she shared with me.


Photo from Robert Downey Jr’s Facebook page

Grateful Project: Day 148: Taxpayers

Taxpayers are the lifeblood of any country. They say the only sure things in life are death and taxes. Without taxes, the country will not be able to provide the services their citizens need. It really is frustrating to hear all these scandals about our politicians spending our tax money instead of using it to alleviate poverty. I am grateful that there are still people who pay taxes. I am also grateful that we have means to earn a living, which allow us to pay our taxes.

Grateful Project Day 147: Family Movie Time

We love watching movies but it is so hard to schedule a time to watch films in the cinema. The kids were free today but my husband had scheduled a long surgery. It was a good thing he was able to finish earlier than expected so we were able to get to the cinema in time. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” was showing and all of us were excited to see it. I hope that we can continue to watch movies together even when the kids are older.

ImagePhoto from Google Images

Grateful Project Day 146: Sharing a Bus Seat

I had to bring my daughter to her review class this morning. It was just the two of us so we had to take the bus. We had to stand because all the seats were taken. There were a lot of passengers so the bus was very crowded. A mother traveling with a small boy offered to squeeze in my daughter, as the three of them could fit in the two-seater. It was a welcome blessing, especially since my daughter was carrying a heavy school bag. I am grateful for that mother, who shared her seat with us.

Grateful Project Day 145: The Gift of Sight

One of the hardest things I have had to do was to tell a patient that I cannot do anything more to save his sight. It breaks my heart to be so helpless in the face of devastating news. A patient of mine came in to get a prescription for eyeglasses which he thought would help him see better. Upon examination, though, I found out he was nearly completely blind due to a condition he has had since childhood. But he continues to work, he commutes by himself and tries to live independently. Glasses would not be helpful in this case. I had no alternative and that was what pained me. I wanted to offer him something, anything, to help him see better. Unfortunately, there was nothing.

So today, I reminded my children to be thankful for the gift of sight. We take it for granted, but it would turn our life upside down if we lose it.

Grateful Project Day 144: Successful Recital

The kids had their summer recital earlier today. They had been practicing on their violins these past couple of weeks. They invited their grandparents to come and watch them play the violin. I am grateful that the kids were able to play their pieces well. I am grateful that they are learning more and more from their wonderful teacher. I am grateful that their grandparents are still around to enjoy them and see them grow up.


Grateful Project Day 143: Music

The kids are practicing for their violin recital tomorrow. They are both trying to perfect the pieces assigned to them. The house is filled with the harmonious melodies from their violins. I am grateful that they are learning to appreciate music in different forms. I hope they will decide to continue with their violin lessons and fill our home with beautiful music.