Grateful Project Day 116: Love of Learning

For kids, summer vacation means taking a break from studying, and just relaxing and playing all day. I can understand why kids don’t want to do any “formal” learning during this time. But Trixi will be taking a very competitive entrance test in a few months so we enrolled her in a review class to help her prepare. As it is, she is at a disadvantage because she is actually a year younger academically compared to the other applicants (no thanks to the K+12 implementation). At first, she felt bad that she would be missing out on some activities (like laser tag this afternoon with her cousins) but she understood. When she came out from class this afternoon, we asked her how it went. She was so excited to tell us about the math problems they were trying to solve. I was so happy to see her reaction. Other kids might see this as a chore but she is actually very excited about it. For that, I am grateful, and I wish she will never lose her love of learning.


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