Grateful Project Day 112: EMT Present

We arrived in Pico de Loro this afternoon. We had just begun unpacking when Trixi said that she got a cut on her leg. She didn’t notice that there was a hole on the couch and something sharp was under. The cut was quite long and it was gaping. I usually bring Band-Aids and pain reliever, but I forgot to pack them for this trip. We needed to clean the wound and close it. We knew what needed to be done but we just didn’t have the supplies. The resort was quite far from the town proper where there would be a drugstore. Fortunately for us, Pico de Loro had an ambulance manned by an EMT within the resort. We were able to get some disinfectant to clean the wound and bandages to cover it. Bong would have wanted to suture the wound but they had no sutures available so he had to make do with some tape to close the wound properly. Today, I am grateful that there was an EMT on hand when we needed it.


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