Lunch at UP Town Center: 8 Cuts Burger Blends

We’ve been wanting to try 8 Cuts Burger Blends but haven’t had the chance to do so until today. After Trixi’s Math competition, we had lunch at the UP Town Center. Last time we were there, the place was packed with diners. We were surprised to find very few people around during the lunch hour. Maybe because school is out already for the summer.

We chose to have lunch at 8 Cuts Burger Blends.

ImageI ordered the Burger with additional yellow cheddar and bacon slices. The kids had The Cheeseburger. These burgers came with either the No. 3 (their original house dressing) or the No. 4 (described as “a tangy and slightly spiced sauce made with a classic red relish base”). We chose the No. 3 dressing for all our burgers.

The Cheeseburger

The Cheeseburger

Bong had The Piggy.

The Piggy

The Piggy

The Piggy is a quarter-pounder Beef Bomb blend (blend of chuck and short rib) patty with mozzarella, fried bacon strips, house-made bacon jam, lollo rossa, tomatoes, garlic aioli on a sesame seed bun.

We also ordered the Skinny Fries, “pimped-up” to Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese.

Skinny Fries Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese

Skinny Fries Sub-Atomic Bacon and Cheese

On the whole, all of us were happy with our burgers. The patties were juicy, tender and very flavorful. Bong felt, though, that the bacon overpowered the taste of the burger in his order. The fries were also good. I prefer a thicker cut for my fries, though.

They had interesting choices for desserts and shakes. Maybe next time we can try them out.



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