Grateful Project Day 92: Bong’s Gentleness

When it comes to emotions, I can be quite intense. When I am happy, I laugh with abandon. When I am sad, I break down. When I am angry, I can feel the heat in my face and stay mad for a long time. Today, I got angry. I was so upset but had to keep it in. When Bong asked me about it, that was when I broke down and gave way to the feelings that were previously held back by a dam. He listened patiently and waited for me to finish. I was sobbing by then. When it was his turn to talk, he was so calm and gentle that I couldn’t help but quiet down. He did not dismiss my hurt nor make light of the incident, but he was able to steady me until I got my bearings back. I am grateful for his gentle ways and his calming presence.


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