Grateful Project Day 120: Wall Climbing Fun with Tita Nix

The kids had gone wall climbing before with my sister and their younger cousin. They scheduled another climb with Aidan and Tita Nix. The gym where we first went to was being used by UP students for a PE class so Tita Nix brought us to another climbing gym. Initially, Aidan didn’t want to join because of his fear of heights. But seeing his cousins have fun going up the wall, he went for a turn and ended up enjoying it. They had the wall all to themselves for sometime. They enjoyed going up the different wall, facing different challenges. I’m glad they have an aunt who shares with them her passion for climbing and diving. Next stop – diving?

Grateful Project Day 119: Excellent Report Card

Report cards were distributed last Saturday but we weren’t able to go to Trixi’s school for it. Today was her enrollment schedule so we picked up the card before that. She received excellent marks in all her subjects. She had some difficulty this year compared to the previous years because of the bridging program. Because of the implementation of the K + 12 program, her school embarked on a bridging program this year. That meant learning the subject matter for two grade levels this year so she can skip a level next year. Aside from that, she was also chosen to represent the school in a couple of Math and Science competitions, which meant extra work for her. But nevertheless, she continued to do well. I am happy that her hard work paid off. Keep up the good work, Trixi!

Grateful Project Day 118: Skorts

I like wearing shorts. Pants are just too hot. Skirts are difficult to manage. But I can’t wear shorts all the time. They’re too casual. Then my sister-in-law Liz introduced me to skorts. They’re skirts with shorts hidden underneath. Now they’re my favorite thing to wear. They give me the comfort of wearing shorts but with the “dressier” look of a skirt. I don’t see a lot of skorts in Manila so I’m really glad Liz got me some. Thanks, Liz!

Grateful Project Day 117: Cousins

My kids have very few first cousins. They have none on my husband’s side. On my side, they have three. One of them lives in the US. So it’s very rare to get all of them together. Last night, my brother invited all the kids for a sleep-over in his house. It was great seeing them play together and just have a lot of fun. Here’s to more fun times with cousins!Image

Grateful Project Day 116: Love of Learning

For kids, summer vacation means taking a break from studying, and just relaxing and playing all day. I can understand why kids don’t want to do any “formal” learning during this time. But Trixi will be taking a very competitive entrance test in a few months so we enrolled her in a review class to help her prepare. As it is, she is at a disadvantage because she is actually a year younger academically compared to the other applicants (no thanks to the K+12 implementation). At first, she felt bad that she would be missing out on some activities (like laser tag this afternoon with her cousins) but she understood. When she came out from class this afternoon, we asked her how it went. She was so excited to tell us about the math problems they were trying to solve. I was so happy to see her reaction. Other kids might see this as a chore but she is actually very excited about it. For that, I am grateful, and I wish she will never lose her love of learning.

Grateful Project Day 114: Wonderful Steak for Lunch

Our family vacation was planned to celebrate our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We wanted to have a special meal in the resort but the only dining option was the cafe. So we decided to have lunch at Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse in SM Mall of Asia. It was my first time to eat there. I am usually apprehensive about eating steaks in restaurants because a lot of times, I get disappointed with the quality of the meat. I ordered the steak platter, which had samples of three kinds of steak – rib eye, sirloin and tenderloin. The steaks were tender, although the tenderloin was quite dry. The peppercorn gravy that came with the steak was also good. Everyone enjoyed their orders. I am grateful for the excellent meal we had in Tagaytay Highlands Steakhouse.