Grateful Project Day 90: Unexpected Chat with an Old Friend

I haven’t seen or talked to M for more than 30 years. She and I had been classmates in Grade School. We still attended the same High School but we weren’t classmates anymore. Then we went to different schools for college and eventually she moved to another continent. We got re-connected through social media. We’ve kept up-to-date with each other through the posts and photos we shared. Then tonight, I was surprised to have a private message from her. She and I had been watching “The Good Wife” and we were both shocked with the sudden turn of events in the show. We ended up chatting about how we felt and what we thought about the show. All of a sudden, the many years we haven’t seen each other and the difference in the time zones vanished. We were just two friends, chatting about something we had seen. It felt good to be able to re-connect with friends in ways that were not imaginable when we were younger. I am grateful for this surprise chat with M.


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