Grateful Project Day 89: Mama’s Ube

Mama called early this morning to tell me that she had made some ube and that I could get some for my family. Ube halaya is a Filipino dessert. The scientific name of ube, or purple yam, is Dioscorea alata. The purple yam is boiled and grated then cooked with condensed milk. The cooking process is tedious, as the mixture needs to be stirred continuously. My mother makes the best ube. We’ve tried ube from different stores, but nothing compares to hers. It’s sweet and smooth and creamy. Everyone who tastes it agrees. But since my mom is getting old, it is now more difficult for her to cook it. These days, she only makes some for very special occasions. So today, I am grateful that we are able to have a taste again of this luscious dessert.


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