Grateful Project Day 61: Peaceful Study Period

As a mom, I used to dread the end of the school quarter. The period when my son would have to study his past lessons and prepare for the quarterly exams. He cannot sit still for too long, especially if he has to read up on all his lessons. We used to argue a lot over this. He’d want to take long breaks and play some video games (like any other child). But he knew he can’t have them then so he took it out on me. And it went on, over and over again, each and every quarter.

It’s that time of the year again. Two more weeks and school will be out. Their class calls these next two weeks “hell weeks”, and with good reason. In the next few days, projects will have to be submitted, book reports, speeches. Then there will be the last set of quizzes and long tests before the much-feared periodical exams. These last two weekends will be “hell”.

So before he hunkered down with his notes and books to prepare for “hell”, I was bracing myself for another arduous weekend. But to my surprise, no fighting came today. He patiently read his notes and did the practice exercises we gave him. He did not even bring his tablet with him to the clinic. Of course there’s still next week. But I am grateful for little steps like this, that show me that maybe, just maybe, he is maturing a little bit in this area.


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