Grateful Project Day 58: Having Fun With Math

I am grateful that my children are good in Math. They like doing Math, not just in school, but even in their everyday lives. That was how we introduced Math to them. It wasn’t in school that they learned how to count, how to add and multiply. We incorporated Math in the day-to-day activities, like playing, eating, grocery-shopping. It wasn’t a “task” they needed to learn. It was something fun to do. Of course it helps that they have the aptitude for it. But I think it is the attitude towards Math that is the reason why a lot of people are not good in it. I’ve met a lot of people, intelligent ones, that do not like Math and pass on that bias against Math to their children. The children end up hating Math even before they had a chance to know it better. For one to be good in Math, you need to practice and practice. When you do, you get better at it and you learn to enjoy it. It becomes pleasurable. So you end up doing more practices. Math is fun and I wish more children would discover that.

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