Grateful Project Day 59: Raising Compassionate Children

I am grateful that Chino has offered to tutor some of his classmates who are having a difficult time in their Math and Science classes. The school year is almost over and some kids are having a hard time understanding their subjects. A group of them offered to tutor their classmates during breaks and after class, as part of their effort to make sure nobody gets left behind. I worry that he might need more time to study his own lessons. I am reassured when he says he can manage. I am so proud that he is growing up to be a compassionate young man.

Grateful Project Day 58: Having Fun With Math

I am grateful that my children are good in Math. They like doing Math, not just in school, but even in their everyday lives. That was how we introduced Math to them. It wasn’t in school that they learned how to count, how to add and multiply. We incorporated Math in the day-to-day activities, like playing, eating, grocery-shopping. It wasn’t a “task” they needed to learn. It was something fun to do. Of course it helps that they have the aptitude for it. But I think it is the attitude towards Math that is the reason why a lot of people are not good in it. I’ve met a lot of people, intelligent ones, that do not like Math and pass on that bias against Math to their children. The children end up hating Math even before they had a chance to know it better. For one to be good in Math, you need to practice and practice. When you do, you get better at it and you learn to enjoy it. It becomes pleasurable. So you end up doing more practices. Math is fun and I wish more children would discover that.

Grateful Project Day 57: Annette

I am grateful for Dr. Annette Poblete. She is the obstetrician who delivered my two kids. She helped me through both my pregnancies and deliveries. She is thorough, yet very gentle in her examinations. She also took care of me when I had other gynecologic problems. I don’t hesitate to recommend her because aside from being very competent, she is also caring with her patients.

Grateful Project Day 56: Armie

Trixi has been away from school for almost a week. Fortunately for her, there were non-academic activities on most of the days she was absent. But there was still a lot of homework that needed to be done. One assignment covered almost 100 pages in a history book which she did not even have. I am grateful for Armie, the parent officer for her batch, who so graciously lent us her daughter’s book and got copies of the activity sheets for Trixi. I don’t know how we would have coped with all that needed to be done if it weren’t for her.  Thank you, Armie.

Grateful Project Day 55: Appreciative Patients

I am grateful that Bong is appreciated by his patients. He was away for a week because of his surgery. He had a reliever to cover his clinics during his absence. But some patients, upon knowing that he wasn’t around, chose to wait for his return. Medicine can often be a thankless job. But there are days like this that make it worth the trouble.

Grateful Project Day 54: Internet as Study Tool

I am grateful that there are resources available to help us help our children with their school work. When we were in school, it was very difficult to do research on any topic. We had an encyclopedia set at home, but the information was limited to that particular year it came out. But now, with a computer and an Internet connection, you can find out about absolutely anything. I am able to supplement their lessons with additional reading material and exercises on which they can practice.

Grateful Project Day 53: Edu

I am grateful for our pediatrician, Dr. Eduardo Borja. We have been bringing our kids to him since they were born. He’s always taken good care of them. I like that he is good with kids, no matter how fussy they may be. He is also very judicious regarding medication and laboratory tests. Trixi was still febrile today so we brought her in for a consult. We were concerned she might have measles. After all, we are in the middle of a measles epidemic in Metro Manila. But as it turns out, he doesn’t think it’s measles. She will be well and back in school soon.

Grateful Project Day 52: Raising Readers

IMG_0893I am grateful that my children love to read. Sure, they love to play games on the tablet and in the computer. But they still make it a point to read a lot. Not too many children enjoy reading nowadays, especially with all the video games available across different platforms. So I am grateful that my kids continue to devote time to reading.

Grateful Project Day 51: Helpful Busmates

I am grateful for Trixi’s busmates. Something had to be handed in today but she is still sick. So she asked her busmate Mikee to hand it in for her. We’re so glad she transferred to this bus. In her first school bus, she didn’t have many friends since they were all much older than she was. But in her present bus, they’re all within a couple of years apart. They have so much fun riding to and from school together.