GrabTaxi: A Safe and Pleasant Cab Ride

I am not very comfortable taking cabs. I remember all the horror stories of terrible things that happen to women who take cabs. I would rather take other forms of public transportation than get on a cab, if I can help it. But today, my daughter and I found ourselves in an unfamiliar place, with no car, and no public transportation in sight. Good thing I had read about GrabTaxi, a smartphone app that makes cab rides safer, and had downloaded the app on my phone.

GrabTaxi is very easy to use. You enter your pick-up location and your destination and the available GrabTaxi drivers nearby appear on your screen. You are told how much the estimated far will be. The nearby cab drivers respond. Pick one from the list and the name of the driver and the plate number of the cab are given to you. You can see the cab coming to you in your screen. You can also send a link to a friend or loved one, which will enable them to track your journey on the web.

Getting a cab can be a problem. You may wait for a long time with no cab in sight. Some cab drivers refuse to bring passengers to certain destinations. GrabTaxi eliminates all those and makes your ride safer. There is a P70 fee added to the meter reading (P50 if you are a Globe subscriber) – a very reasonable fee, I think.

Like I said, I don’t ride cabs a lot. But the next time I need a cab, I will be sure to use GrabTaxi again. Highly recommended!


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