Craving for Xiao Long Bao

The four of us have different tastes in food. There are only quite a few dishes that all of us enjoy. One of them is Xiao Long Bao. During our trip to Taiwan, we ordered Xiao Long Bao in every restaurant we ate in – from a small “hole in the wall” eatery to more upscale restaurants in Yongkang Street and Taipei 101. Everywhere we went, the Xiao Long Bao was great. So we made it our mission to look for good Xiao Long Bao closer to home.

We decided to celebrate Father’s Day in Shi Lin at the Podium. It looks small when viewed from the entrance, but there is a bigger dining area inside. We ordered pretty much the same things we liked in Taipei – Xiao Long Bao, dimsum, pork chop and fried chicken.


The Xiao Long Bao was good. The wrapper was a little thicker compared to the ones in Taipei, but the difference was minor. The soup inside was flavorful. We initially ordered 10 pieces, but we ended up ordering another 10  🙂


For dimsum, we ordered the shrimp and pork shaomai. Chino usually does not like siomai, but he enjoyed eating this one.

IMG_0545     IMG_0547

The fried rice with pork chop and egg was also good. The pork chop was flavorful and tender. Serving size for the rice was quite big. The server said that it was good for 1 – 2 people. Actually, for us, it was more like good for 3 people. The chicken chop was a little bit dry (only Chino liked it).


Just like in Din Tai Fung, they also had an open kitchen where you can watch them make dumplings.

All in all, we loved the food in Shi Lin. We’re glad to have found a solution to our Xiao Long Bao craving nearby.


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