Foodcourt Adventures

We are in the mall a lot. It has become almost like a second home to us. We go to work there, we hear Mass there, the kids have their summer activities there. Inevitably, we eat a lot there too. In the past, we all tended to gravitate towards our own personal favorites, despite the myriad of choices offered in the huge foodcourt – the adults favored the grilled food and the kids, well, being kids, often chose fried chicken. This summer, in anticipation of the many meals we would have in the mall, we embarked on an experiment. Each time that all of us would eat together, we would take turns choosing one food stall and everyone had to order from that stall. No choosing past favorites. We were going to try food from as many stalls as possible.

There were hits and misses, for sure. Fortunately for us, there were more hits. Trixi discovered a new favorite in Mr. Kimbob’s Bibimbap. Chino now chooses to have beef kaldereta over fried chicken. They are both more adventurous now with regards to their food choices. They have not asked for the usual fast-food fried chicken in a long time. And I will be trying out some new recipes at home, based on the new dishes we discovered this summer.


3 thoughts on “Foodcourt Adventures

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