Trixi’s Turn

It’s been a while since my last entry.  But interestingly enough, this post comes after Chino’s Crossing Over Ceremony.

Earlier this week Trixi came home with a note from the Grade One coordinator, Ms. Rachel.  The note said that Trixi was chosen to speak to the Prep students regarding her experiences in Grade One.  We were asked to help her prepare for it.  So I sat down in front of the computer and asked her to just speak out.  What did she want to tell the Prep students about life in Grade One?  This is her speech:

Good morning, Ms. Rachel, Grade One teachers, classmates and friends.  Good morning to our guests this morning, the Prep students and their teachers.

My days in Prep were fun.  We learned a lot of things through games, activities, and songs.  My favorite then was the spelling game we used to have with Teacher Joey.   When Moving Up Day came, I was so delighted because I was looking forward to becoming a Grade One student.  I wanted to learn new things.  For the summer vacation, we were asked to read at least two books (but you can read more, like I did).

When June came, I found myself in a new place, with new classmates and teachers. For a while, I missed being in Prep.  But I remembered that I needed to learn new things. From then on, I found myself enjoying Grade One even if Grade One is different from Prep.  We stay longer in school and have lunch here.  We have new subjects like Science, AP, Computer Arts, and Theater Arts. Once you get your Grade One ID, you can also start borrowing books from the library.  Just last week, the Grade One students went on a field trip to Manila Zoo, Kinder Zoo and Museong Pambata.  But for me, the most fun thing you will experience in Grade One is joining a club!  I joined the Young Scientists (where we made color windows) during the first semester then the Young Home Buddies (where we cooked French fries and egg sandwiches) this second semester.  There are other clubs too, like Nature Buddies, Sporty Kids, ACT and Dance Club.

You will learn a lot this coming year.  To be good in Grade One, you need to do your homework always and study hard.  Sometimes, there’s a lot of homework that needs to be done.  But at other times, there’s just a little.

So, dear Prep students, you have much to look forward this coming year.  There are a lot of exciting things waiting for you in Grade One.

Too bad Bong and I will not be able to see her as she makes that speech.  But we are oh so proud of her!